Who do I help?

Affinity PR is a creative agency helping businesses, organisations and individuals who want professional PR support and press representation. Affinity PR Coaching is an online one-to-one PR learning and mentoring service for individuals working in a wide variety of roles and industries.

Whether you are a total novice in PR, a freelancer, sole trader, business owner, or brand manager with significant knowledge of marketing, what every Affinity PR client has in common are bold ambitions to reach vital PR goals and measure impact, with support and expert guidance along the way.

Helen Oldfield, founder of Affinity PR and Affinity PR Coaching, has already consulted for clients in the following roles and industries:

Consultants (those in arts and culture, place marketing, travel and tourism, media and communication, philanthropy, VCSE/not-for-profits, law and property, mediation and advice, social care, disability and health, end-of-life care, state education and Higher Education).

Creative professions (including festivals and live art producers, museums and heritage, fashion designers, chefs and restaurateurs, wedding and personal event planners, visual and performance artists, photographers, videographers, DJ’s, musicians, music teachers and composers, florists, voice coaches and singers, dancers/dance company founders, choreographers, authors and poets, film producer, and TV industry educators).

Health and well-being practitioners and educators (including yoga, acupuncture and hypnotherapy, charities and not-for-profit organisations in women's health, cancer support, end-of-life and hospice care, mental health, homelessness, and addiction recovery).

Business and commerce (tech entrepreneurs/app developers, digital marketers, copywriters, business consultants and coaches, mediators, bloggers/copywriters, technology suppliers, trainers and educators, food and drink manufacturers, property  design/development and urban planning, luxury hoteliers and restaurateurs, Professional Trade Associations and Membership Organisations).

Affinity PR is tried, tested and has been favourably reviewed by professionals from many different industries.

Can Affinity PR Coaching help you? Yes, if you’re keen to learn how to do your own PR and publicity campaigns. It’s especially helpful for creative thinkers and introverts who prefer one-to-one interactions to group learning.

Affinity PR Coaching is for you if you want affordable pay-as-you-go PR learning which is relevant to your specific business or project. Affinity PR agency representation is for you if you want an expert to take care of all your PR and marketing for you.


Some recent testimonials are here.

To benefit most from Affinity PR Coaching you will be an open minded person who is ready to explore doing your own PR. You want to take ownership of your campaigns and to manage your brand and professional reputation with wisdom and care.

You will have a PR goal to make something exciting happen and to express something daringly different.

Let’s create the brands and campaigns you can feel proud of. Hire Helen Oldfield to do your PR or book your first Affinity PR Coaching session now.

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