What to expect at Affinity PR Coaching sessions.

We meet one-to-one via Zoom video calls. I send you the meeting links upon receipt of each payment.

There is no pre-set number of sessions that you must commit to. Each time you can choose one, two or 3.5 hours. Working at your own pace, you can book sessions whenever you want advice, troubleshooting or mentoring support.


Set a goal


Make a plan


Get to work

In a one hour session it’s reasonable to expect to explore one PR goal in some detail. Together we work through all the PR ideas, options, skills and problem-solving processes required to meet your goal.

You’ll probably find the way I work is quite different to more traditional business coaching. I help you to explore and articulate what makes you feel wonder and delight in your own work, then how to convey that feeling across every tier of your publicity. I am also interested in helping clients to live and breathe their brand values, to use their influence wisely as a force-for-good so everyone wins.

My guidance is always bespoke. I draw upon a wide range of influences, tools and techniques gained from a richly diverse career spanning three decades and multiple industries, including roles in arts and culture, training and leadership development. I adapt my approach and content to suit your preferred methods of learning and how much you already know about PR.

Is this the kind of pragmatic, open minded and creative PR coaching experience you have been waiting for? If so, book a session now.

What can Affinity PR Coaching Sessions help you to achieve?

  • How do I grow my own tribe of “100 superfans”?
  • What must I do and when, to encourage ticket sales to happen early on, rather than last minute?
  • How should I define and explain what I do? I offer an unusually wide range of services.
  • How can I “think bigger” to become popular UK-wide?
  • How do I “pivot” my PR and new product launches into something special online?
  • What are my strongest messages, and when/where/in what order should I tell them for best PR effect?
  • How can I change the publicity narrative about myself without losing fans, when my work has changed direction so radically?
  • How do I get booked as an expert speaker at trade events without losing vital elements of my personality (I’m known for my humorous branding and spoken/written style)?
  • Should I focus my marketing messaging on my one unique service point, or on my wider service offering?
  • I want to serve clients in two totally different industries. How do I unite all my publicity?
  • How can I work more strategically with the media? I want to get better variety and quality of publicity outcomes in a drip-feed, rather than a short burst of random activity!
  • I’ve never managed to get on national TV, only regional. What are they looking for that I haven’t provided yet?
  • How do I make the most of a forthcoming national PR opportunity? How should I prepare, what are my key messages, what should I say/avoid?
  • How do I get picked for those long-form interviews or editorial features within the main publication too, rather than just the short news snippets on social media?
  • What is your professional opinion of my website and online presence? What content should stay, what should go and what must I add?
  • How do I decide what marketing to do again next time and what to drop?


If you need answers to any of the above questions or have your own specific PR queries, get in touch now. I can also help with a professional opinion and “reality check” of your ideas and overall game plan, to shape your brand or plan much sharper marketing.

Affinity PR Coaching Sessions provide a confidential safe space to talk, where we will find solutions to all your PR questions or challenges.

Let’s get you started. Book a session now.

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