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Laura Locke, Felixstowe Radio.

I went on Felixstowe Radio (107.5 FM) last week as a guest of Laura Locke, to talk about my work as a PR Coach. You can hear our 10 minute chat 17:02 minutes into this link.

We used Zoom to connect and, yikes, the studio equipment threw Laura a “tech curveball” just before we went live! But that brilliant woman problem-solved so quickly that it was all sorted with moments to spare. In the end, Zoom proved the ideal chat format, as it illustrated exactly how my one-to-one Affinity PR Coaching sessions work online too, and why two people don’t need to be in the same location to get things done.

I’ve always admired Laura’s ability to be a One Woman Powerhouse of Can-Do Positivity. Our first meeting in 2012 was at University of Suffolk. I was there as a Visiting Fellow in the School of Business (where Laura is also now a Visiting Fellow, but at that time she was Course Leader of the Events Management and Tourism degree courses).

Twice or so each year, Laura invited me to meet and talk to her students, to explain how my agency worked and what it was like to apply PR and marketing in a commercial setting. Laura ran workshops around my “client competitive pitch” scenario, where students worked in creative teams to make PR plans and then pitched their best campaign ideas to a panel of professional marketers, who represented “the client”.

To make it more challenging, we deliberately introduced quite difficult brands or product ideas. For example, once I fiendishly concocted a fictitious Polish chocolate bar with the brand name “Schplat”, about which we asked the students to plan the PR for its ambitious entry into the UK luxury confectionery market.

I don’t believe it has yet succeeded (but watch this space, the sky’s the limit with Laura’s impressive students!).

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