Why “Charity jealousy” is a thing, and how PR coaching helps.


As you’ll hear in this new podcast from Angela Lee-Foster at Suffolk Pro Help, it took me quite a long while to become a member of that network of businesses which provides professional help and strategic support free of charge to the voluntary and community sector (VCSE).   

I’ve always done pro bono work, of course.  It is in my DNA to try and enable people who want to help themselves, having had a previous career in the charity sector for a good decade or more. For example, I’ve been part of Rural Coffee Caravan’s pro bono PR team since its launch in 2003.  Back then, I was also on the interview panel that appointed Ann Osborn, now CEO, but at that time returning to work and aiming for her first job after raising her family. 

It was a pleasure to chat with Angela and she asked some good questions, beginning with what is PR and how it differs from marketing.  I was able to explain how PR totally isn’t (and should never be) all about “getting the boss’s face in the media”.    Angela kindly allowed me to opine on the subjects of “charity jealousy” and how vital is sharing (of ideas, resources, knowledge, PR, funding) to the sustainability of many VCSE organisations in post-pandemic life.   Building rock solid strategic partnerships built on mutual trust will enable each organisation to find their missing piece of the “resilience and success” jigsaw puzzle!

Listen to our full conversation at https://anchor.fm/suffolkprohelp/episodes/Ask-the-Experts-Affinity-PR-es34bb/a-a4h24iv  and if you’d like to tell me your opinions on any of those subjects, I’ll be pleased to hear them.  You can reach me by email at helen@affinitypr.co.uk

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